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The future me — Aspire and Achieve

Hello guys, Thanks for noticing my tiny post in this vast globe.

I’m a digital marketing mentor and have trained over 50,000 students.

The reformed version of Abhishek in 2025 is the result of the desire to achieve something uncommonly great.

2019 was the year when He felt that life is becoming monotonous though he was working in the company that he always dreamt of. His mind has started asking “ do I deserve the better”, and a slow voice arising out of his own mind came out, that is the trigger. The man delved into knowing what are the things other than his present area of work can be attainable owing to his work-life balance. The gamechanger doesn’t always come in person, sometimes it is just a mail waiting for your attention. Digital Deepak is the sender of that mail.

Since he found that email and still skeptical about going all out to start chasing his digital marketing dream, one thing was lagging him behind and that is the trust. He started to read a lot of Digital Deepak and man’s journey from being a mentor in Digital vidya to building a personal brand “Digital Deepak”. He is convinced to take this path and also the COVID -19 scenario helped this cause to a greater extent.

Abhishek had completed the internship program and became the T shaped digital marketer and worked as a digital marketing executive in the company he was working previously as a sales manager. He was always a pumped-up man to get things done and this quality helped him achieve good results in his new role as a digital marketing executive. The mind is still oscillating between the dream job and a passion to create something from scratch. Watershed moment is when he combined his passion and willingness to achieve financial freedom. He had started reading more about digital marketing and all the niches to be a freelancer to kick-off his journey for the aspired version.

He had completed 2 years in freelancing and helped so many clients to propel their business into greater heights. Having done the job and freelancing in the field of digital marketing, He wanted to change gears and do bigger things like mentoring the people and make his knowledge useful to the generations to come. His journey as a mentor started with the people asking for advice on a phone call which he priced at 100 bucks. Slowly he got to know the gaps in the digital marketing learning industry and designed a program that suits well all kinds of customers irrespective of age, profession, and knowledge level but he demanded the zeal and passion to learn digital marketing.

The path to excellence has made him grow strength by strength by driving the traffic using email marketing, SEO, and paid advertising. Today he has trained over 50,000 students and delivers content in webinars for his club. The brand “ABHITAL” has grown and attracted all the aspiring digital marketers.

The peers who know Abhishek believe that whatever he has achieved is through sheer hard work but I believe that the hard work and luck played a major role in making my best version. Luck is not a fluke but it is a combination of preparation and an opportunity spotted on as I knew this is the field that has got so many opportunities and I prepared for it with hard work.

I always believed in this quote and personified it in my journey. Wish to see you with another wonderful story.




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