Digital marketing —A Game changer

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Components of the Marketing mix

Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional marketing

  1. Digital marketing is cost-friendly compared to traditional marketing.
  2. More chances of following up with the prospect to turn into a potential customer.
  3. Customer engagement is high in the case of digital marketing as the customers can be reached through email and social media.
  4. Highly efficient in measuring the effectiveness of particular advertising which is way more difficult in traditional marketing.
  1. Niche: Choose a niche where you feel connected and it is driven by your desire to achieve.Ex: Selling Online course
  2. Content: No doubt it has to be unique and also constant updates about the market and customer needs to help you to create better content.
  3. Attention: Driving the traffic through Paid ads, SEO, and social media ads to get more number of leads.
  4. Trust: Building the trust among your tribe through marketing automation and retargeting.
  5. Transaction: Converting your leads into customers with natural sales methods.
Integrated digital marketing

Personal branding




Optimist , Sales guy and future digital marketer. Tech savy and love travelling

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Optimist , Sales guy and future digital marketer. Tech savy and love travelling

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